Nexuiz on the Eee

Recently I tried Nexuiz, a free deathmatch FPS with quality rivaling or exceeding those of commercial games, on my beloved EeePC 1000HE. I’ve been a fan of it for quite a while but I’m not really into PC gaming (console gaming is where it’s at for me). While my Eee can handle a bit more than it’s predecessors it still takes some tweaking to wrangle in Nexuiz to a manageable framerate. So here’s some steps I too to running Nexuiz on my Eee. This will obviously apply to other netbooks and older computers.

ps. If you’ve never seen Nexuiz before this I’d suggest you watch the video of it in action to see it’s full potential. These are examples of Nexuiz at its worst after all.

Option 1: Low Settings

The first step is to see how well your computer performs on the Low settings in the Effects tab of the options panel. My Eee averaged 20fps on most maps but slowed down to a crawl on larger maps or maps with many clients. See the above picture for an example of this setting.

Option 2: r_showsurfaces 3

Since my computer still performed sluggishly, I decided to try r_showsurfaces 3. You can type this command into the Nexuiz terminal (use the ~ key) and it will remove textures and replace them with a similar colour. This actually make Nexuiz look minimal and stylized. Not a bad tradeoff at all.

Option 3: r_fullbright 1

If you still seek a performance increase over the last tweak then try that with the command r_fullbright 1. This raises the lighting of the entire level to maximum brightness, effectively getting rid of any shading. This also looks quite stylized but if you can do without this performance wise then it’s up to you. Note that while the framerate didn’t change in the screenshot, it’s much better in motion.

In the end I just switch r_fullbright on and off depending on the level and how it looks. Anyways I hope this has been helpful to someone. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.

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