Revert WICD Icon Theme

I’m not really a big fan of the “modern” icon theme included by defualt with WICD 1.6.0. It looks very out of place with the more Tango inspired icons like Pidgin and Deluge. Lucky it’s very simple to change these icons back.

First download a previous version of WICD. Inside the archive you’ll see a folder called images. Extract that folder to your desktop or another temporary location. Next you’ll need to copy them to where wicd stores it’s images. You’ll need root for this so open a terminal and navigate to the images folder and do

% sudo cp * /usr/share/pixmap/wicd

and you’ll have the old icons again. If you prefer working graphically you can launch your file manager with root using either a graphical su (ktsuss is great for this and has no GNOME dependencies) or using sudo from the terminal. From there just navigate to /usr/share/pixmap/wicd and copy the contents of images to it.

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