The Inofficial Arch Games Collection

Tuxracer screenshot, by

Of course there are hundreds (if not thousands) of games in the Arch repositories, including popular classics like The Battle Of Wesnoth, Nexuiz, or Flightgear. But there are some games that go even better with Arch’s KISS philosophy, and that COULD be included with Arch, if Arch came on a big DVD with games included and so on, so, long story short, here’s The Inofficial  Arch Games Collection” ;)

  • Pysolfc – The inevitable collection of solitaire card games, plus a very nice Mahjong
  • Extreme Tux Racer – The classic Tux downhill racer, still loads of fun
  • Pychess - Beginner- friendly chess program with a helpful “Hints” and “Spy” mode. Pychess has its own engine but can also use gnuchess or any other Xboard- compatible engine.
  • Ltris - Lightweight implementation of the popular classic “Tetris” with many features
  • DoomRL LQ - simple and beginner- friendly (at least on level “too young to die”) rogue- like with tile graphics. The LQ version is only 5 MB vs. 80+ MB for the “full” version and has midi music instead of MP3s
  • FreeCiv – Free clone of Civilization 2, single- or multiplayer
  • Dopewars - classic … erm … business simulation that can be played in GTK or on the command line (option -t)
  • Lbreakout - Nice breakout game with a lot of options
  • GzDoom - Nice OpenGL DOOM implementation with pretty good graphics, keyboard playable !! You need additional game data, e.g. FreeDoom / Blasphemer from the AUR or download Harmony from their web page
  • Assault Cube - Lightweight (~50MB) single- / multiplayer FPS, also playable with the touchpad (if you have to)Singularity - Unique (round- based) game about an artificial intelligence called the Singularity
  • Micropolis - The original “Sim City” game, open- sourced and adapted for the OLPCproject
  • OpenTTD - Free clone of the popular classic “Transport Tycoon”
  • Oolite - OpenGL remake of the classic Elite / Frontier game, including the classic vector graphics
  • GL-117 – simple but fun (combat) fligh sim

This is just a small collection of my favorites. More interesting games can be found in the wiki under Netbook Games and List of Applications / Games. All these will of course work in other Arch- based distributions like Manjaro, Archbang or Bridge, too.

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