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I'm Back!!

Last month happened lots of things. My mini-notebook was stolen, so no more Archlinux playing for me for a while…

But now i’m back!! I’ve bought a new mini-notebook. This one it’s a bit different.

Some specs:

  • Model: Bangho DU1001TH-S
  • Intel® Atom N270(1.6GHz,533FSB,BGA)
  • 2GB DDR2 667Mhz RAM
  • 250 Gb 5400 Rpm HD
  • Intel 945 GSE / ICH-7 Chipset
  • Weight 1,2Kg.
  • 10,2” WXGA screen
  • As you can see its more powerfull than the last one.The name I’ve choosen for it: “Zephyrus”.


    It came with “Vista Starter Edition”, guess what happened with it :P

    Inmediatelly installed Archlinux. No much problems… except for one thing: The Wireless card its a big pain on… (you know where).

    Its an “Wifi + Bluetooth 3dsp chipset bluew2310″. Its chinese and for now it only give drivers for windows and ubuntu, both restricted, so i cant see the source code…

    I’ve decided that i dont need bluetooth but i really need wifi connection, so I’ve changed the wifi chipset for an less chinese one :P

    It’s not the best solution, but works for me. If any of you have a clue about 3dsp drivers, just tell me!