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Compiz Stand Alone WM

As usual, I’m trying new stuff on my desk. I was looking for a nice work environment on my tiny netbook screen.

I’ve using compiz on top of GNOME, and i get used to the plugins and some usefull effects, but some times I just wanted to go minimal, and all those GNOME stuff felt like bloated.

Then i’ve found a forum thread talking about compiz as Window Manager, and i thought: “Why not”.

The Instalation and configuration was easy and now I’m very happy with it.

escale function

My ~/.xinitrc
exec fusion-icon &
compiz --indirect-rendering &
emerald &
xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults &
sleep 14s && conky -c /home/aymara/Scripts/conky-minimo-1-linea

¡Full minimalism!

As you can see, there is no panel over there. I don’t need it, and that way i managed to save vertical space, something really important in a tiny res of 1024x600px.

Instead, i can’t live without conky. As you probably know, conky uses an pseudo transparency to match with desktop background. Compiz is a WM not a DE, thats why you have to think in conky as a window, and pay special attention to the “own_window” parameters:

My conkyrc

double_buffer yes
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_hints undecorate,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
draw_borders no
gap_x -10
gap_y 4
alignment bottom_right
update_interval 1
default_color 333333
own_window_transparent no
use_xft yes
xftfont mintsstrong:pixelsize=10
use_spacer no
minimum_size 1024 10
mpd_host localhost
mpd_port 6600


The Time: ${color 7f7f7f}${time %a %d. %b %k:%M} ${color 60c8f2}| ${color}Kernel: ${color 7f7f7f}${font}${kernel}${color 60c8f2} | ${color}CPU: ${color 7f7f7f}${font}${cpu}% ${color} RAM: ${color 7f7f7f}${font}${mem} ${color 60c8f2} | ${color} Uptime: ${color 7f7f7f}${font}${uptime_short}${color 60c8f2} | ${color}Music: ${color 7f7f7f}$mpd_title - $mpd_artist ${color 60c8f2}| ${color}Battery: ${color 7f7f7f} ${battery BAT0}

This experiment helped me to think wich apps do i REALLY need to do my daily work.

Its a great thing to do at the end of the year. It’s like doing a deep cleaning on your mind and start over with those things that really matter.

My new conky clock

Recently i’ve found out that conky can be displayed as rings, and other forms using an lua script.

My new conky clock

My new conky clock

Well here you have my clock drawn with conky. It also show the wireless and battery status, cpu and mem load, and disk space used.

Is really beautifull, dont you think??

It uses the last version of conky (1.7.2). Down here you’ll find the conkyrc and the lua script. I left the comments on the code, so you can customize it.

Thanks to londonali1010 for the script and the comments :D

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Mi escritorio de Julio / Desktop Screenshot – July

Mi escritorio actual

Mi escritorio actual

Mi primer post en mi blog de Archlinux es para presumir de la configuracion de mi escritorio.

Soy del tipo de persona que todo el tiempo busca que el escritorio se vea lindo además de funcional.

Voy a compartir con ustedes mis configuraciones de tint2 y de conky si es que estan interesados en lograr algo similar. En un post posterior les voy a compartir el tema de iconos que estoy utilizando (todavia lo estoy modificando).

El wallpaper lo pueden descargar aqui

//–> English Version

My first post on my brand new blog, its about my desktop config. I’m the kind of person who is always looking for a funcional and good looking work environment.

I’m sharing my conky and tint2 configs for you to use if you want something that looks similar to mine.  Read More to see the config files!!

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