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Marine Biology Field Trip

Just returned from a week at Dale Fort in Wales, doing some Marine Biology coastal fieldwork on zonataion. Got back on Thursday. Got some good pics and data, and look forward to trying out some new graphs in R and testing R-Studio thoroughly for the first time with an actual project.

YouTube – The Tron HISHE Rap

Saw this the other day, a friend saw it and decided to share because she found it amusing. As did I.

YouTube – The Tron HISHE Rap.


Over the past few days been putting in effort and discussing at great length on the forum how to best make a package for the new R-Studio IDE. What is currently on the AUR is something of a compromise, to be improved upon later, there was an issue with getting the source from github, as the user would already have to have an account and ssh key set up for that. And any attmpts to get, the tar version from the github page during wget or makepkg frequently results in errors, often regarding certificates and security to do with github, I guess it has to be a pretty secure site.

I’ve come up with an alternative to the git method – I made a bash script, that can be set to cron, or run manually, that updates the git on my machine, and then turns it into a tarball and puts it on public space on my Dropbox, thus anyone can access it, as can the PKGBUILD, which I then altered to work on the downloaded tarball rather than the git.

This has worked for me, however, there has been a lot of disparity in success in getting this to build, either from PKGBUILD and from source without the aid of makepkg, for example sometime the scripts to install dependencies seem to be an issue, then one other time there seems to be an issue with on person with him not being a sudoer, even when he says he is.

Looking at the support website, theres even issues with the pre-built binaries for Fedora, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows, so even installing isn’t the end of the story. I contacted them about this method of getting the git from github, and then having scripts install dependencies is very awkward for such as the Arch build system to make our packages from source. I also asked them for a stable tarball, half-expecting them to point me towards the tarball I already tried from github, instead of using gt clone. However they did not, so I can’t help but think there may be reason as to why not. However, they got back to me and assured me that a stable tarball for the source for a much smoother compile and package creation, is intended and will be looked into as soon as some other issues are fixed, to quote them, in the “near future”.

I will keep track and watch for when such a stable source does arise for use with the PKGBUILD. A stable source tarball might even solve some of the issues with the dependency scripts and the complex (a commentary on occams razor and the arch way perhaps??) – and thus error prone way dependencies and building is resolved.

Find the thread here:

Find on the AUR by searching rstudio-desktop.


As an aside the issue with the sudoer was solved by un-commenting the line that makes all in group wheel a sudoer, I do not know what the configuration of that person’s sudo file was like before, but that solved it.