About Me

My actual name is Ben Ward, I’m 20, and live in Bath, attending Bath Spa University doing a Bachelor in Biology. I was introduced to linux through Ubuntu, by one of my lecturers, and after becoming comfortable with it, came to Arch looking to learn more about Linux and haven’t felt the need to go to any other distro since. I’m a R user, and hope to learn some other programming languages to incorporate with it.

Next year I’m planning on doing a MSc in Molecular Microbiology at University of Bath, wanting to specialise within Biology to molecular evolution within microbes (and evolution in general), as well as things such as evasion of immunity and pathogenicity. Hopefully I’ll see some genetics work and get to use Bioconductor.

Outside of Academia I enjoy Warhammer and 40k, all manner of sci-fi and fantasy literature, H.G. Wells being a particular favorite, D+D, Batman, The Big Bang Theory, Terry Pratchett, The Barenaked Ladies band, just to throw some thing in about what I like in general.

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