Import blogs into

If you have posts or comments in another system, can import those into this site.

        Blogger     Import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog.
        Blogroll     Import links in OPML format.
        Categories and Tags Converter     Convert existing categories to tags or tags to categories, selectively.
        LiveJournal     Import posts from LiveJournal using their API.
        Movable Type and TypePad     Import posts and comments from a Movable Type or TypePad blog.
        RSS     Import posts from an RSS feed.
        WordPress     Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.

Admin Console > Tools > Import
Happy Blogging :)

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  1. jdarnold says:

    Thanks! I’ve spent a little bit getting comfortable. Looks like fun. Thanks again for your work.

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