Testing out new blog system.

Well, hopefully this works out the way I expect it too.

I now have a few guni….. err voluteers ;)

We will see how it goes from here.

To the volunteers, post comments HERE :)

Thanks again.


Edit —– BUGS:

Fixed Import system.. edited php config file to allow ssl.

Fixed image path for logo on right. Wasn’t showing on article links.

Figured out the AVATAR thing :)

Sign up on gravatar.com … upload your avatar, based on your email ! :) Very cool.

enable gravatars in your SETTINGS > DISCUSSION at the bottom of your control panel.

My url was here: http://archlinux.me/crouse/wp-admin/options-discussion.php


  1. ajzimm3rman says:

    Just keep us up to date,
    hopefully with an ETA on how long it will last,
    and maybe we can get some donations spurring its long existence.

  2. crouse says:

    Well, it everything GOES as planned, they will be permanent. Although, no matter what, you CAN EXPORT THE BLOG !!
    I highly suggest that if you have anything important on there, export it once in awhile so you can always RELOAD/IMPORT it to another wordpress setup if need be ;)

  3. haxit says:

    Thanks crouse! This is awesome. However, I hope people actually read this…