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The email now has themes available.

I don’t know which theme this is in particular, but it’s how I have my arch email setup to look.  One of the members made the Arch Linux logo transparent, it looks much nicer now with themes.

It appears that I will only be able to offer a maximum of 500 accounts, I had several email exchanges with a real person at google/gmail finally.  Unfortunately while they are hip on helping approved non-profit organizations, they don’t feel the same about helping open-source projects, which is a bit disheartening as , well, were would they be without Linux ?????

Hello google …….. ya hearin me ???????

Basically to get more addresses, the option was…. take every address and upgrade and that would be NUMBER of ADDRESS’s x $50 …….. doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I can’t affort that ;)  The other option was to become a non-profit, which costs alot of money and seems like alot of wasted time… there is alot to becoming a non-profit organization….. something that most of the open-source projects won’t take the time to do, or have the resources to do.

While I applaud googles efforts, and appreciate what they have done, seems like they aren’t very flexible, and don’t make exceptions.  I had hoped they would be more receptive to my requests, but apparently not  :(


The Google Team

to me

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Follow up message

Thanks for your message.

In conjunction with the launch of the Google Apps reseller program, we’ve capped the free Google Apps Standard Edition at 50 users per organization. Existing organizations with more than 50 Standard Edition accounts will remain unaffected by this change but will no longer be able to request more accounts.

Alternatively, we offer Google Apps Premier Edition at $50 USD per account per year. One Premier Edition user account includes one email inbox, as well as access to the services included in Google Apps Premier Edition as described at


For more information on how to upgrade to Google Apps Premier Edition visit


The Google Apps Team

I had tried to follow the instructions given in a post I had posed a question regarding the same…… so I replied back…….

Really ?

(my question btw)
UPDATED: updated 3/20/2009
Martyn Drake has posted an answer to the question “User Limit for
opensource projects ?”:

Not if your account was set-up after the 14th January 2009.  If your
account was created before that date, you can request an increase

I did post a request there (twice in fact), never heard anything back
one way or the other.

ArchLinux is an opensource Linux project.

I had hoped google would look favorably upon opensource projects.  It
is not financially feasible for us to become Premier members, or to
gain tax exempt status as a non-profit, both are extremely financially

I ask that you reconsider.


David Crouse
USA Linux Users Group


  1. haxit says:

    Is it just me or are you a champ? “I had hoped google would look favorably upon opensource projects.”
    I gotta use that one more often.

  2. crouse says:

    champ, or chump ?? :)

    Sort feel like a chump after google dashed my hopes of offering more emails ……. ah well, life goes on.