Router died.

Looks like my expensive gigabit router bit the dust today….. NOT cool. :(

Ah well, such is life, I had it replaced once already, pretty sure it’s out of warranty now.

Anyway, an update on the blogs, everything is running. I have noticed

that the main page hangs when choosing a blog, unless I double click

it now. I’m guessing this has something to do with the the router being gone

and me being plugged directly into the modem instead of through a

router. I had to do some quick changes last night,

I may have to look at those settings again in the network configuration.

Double Clicking the blog, lets me in very fast, it’s weird…….

anyone else experiencing the same pain ?

Anyway, if things seem a bit weird, it’s probably the settings changes

and lack of a router…….sorry. I will probably get a new router


This appears to be a case of nameserver resolution.

When the router failed, I ended up cycling the modem…..which gave me a new ip.

I changed all the dns stuff to point to the new domain.

This “could” be a case of the nameservers not catching up yet….but i

don’t think so, not positive about that.

If that “is” the case, it should clear up by itself in about 24 hours.

My resolv.conf file changed, which isn’t a good thing….. it may be

the root cause of this as well….

Anyway, have heard back from some of you, you have the same “double

click” issue I do…….. so at least I know I’m

not going crazy :)

Hopefully I can get this resolved soon, otherwise I will move it to a

virtual host somewhere , where I don’t have this routing issue.

Edit Figured it out finally……. was a routing table. Reset the route, rebooted the server and violia , it’s much more responsive now :)

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