New server – an update.

meh, this is going slowly.

First we had the delay of getting a server built.   Then once it was built we had a massive segfault, that wasn’t recoverable (no, it wasn’t my fault :P  ).  Next we reloaded the OS from scratch and started over.  Eh…….. waddaya know, another segfault/crash.  New server time.  I have stressed tested the cpu and ran a bad blocks test on the hard drive, checked the ram configuration, i think we are golden now.

Installed postfix and have a null client running to send mail only.  So, we are closer today than yesterday, it ain’t much, but it’s a start………. finally.

All mysql databases have been created, users have been created (yes, independent of each other) and mysql was installed with /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation.

While you can’t really see anything yet………… it IS progressing.  Oh,  I take it back, apache IS running as is php, there is ONE domain active right now. , don’t bother going there, you’ll be disappointed, it’s nothing to look at, just a test to make sure that everything is working :) Backup copies of all the configs have been made and a changelog for the server has been kept, so if things have to be rebuilt yet again, it won’t take very long to get back to where I am at this point in time.   I must say, I love using Arch as a server, it does EXACTLEY what you tell it to.   It’s comforting to know EXACTLEY what’s running and what’s not.

[root@Archie ~]# pstree -p
|             |-httpd(2241)
|             |-httpd(2242)
|             |-httpd(2243)
|             |-httpd(2244)
|             |-httpd(2245)
|             |-httpd(2249)
|             `-httpd(2250)
|              `-qmgr(2996)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2177)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2178)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2179)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2194)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2195)
|                                  |-{mysqld}(2196)
|                                  `-{mysqld}(2197)
|            `-sshd(2336)—bash(2338)—pstree(31930)
[root@Archie ~]#

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