– Updates

Looks like we had either an update failure, or a hardware failure. Everything is back to “normal” again. Ended up having to do a forced upgrade on mysql to get the site back up and running, so at this point, after some studying, I’m about 90% sure this was caused not by hardware, but by an interrupted update.

The bad part is, we did start out on faulty hardware, so that of course makes you nervous about everything else from then on. The hosting company has been great to do everything they can to help get the issue resolved, and has offered to come in late and pull the hard drive and test the hardware at some point, just to be sure.

This should basically serve as a reminder to all, export your data, there is a system in place for this, and I don’t have all my backup routines in place for the site yet………. so, it’s “User Beware” ;)
Do yourself a favor, and backup your work. I’ll get my mysql stuff in place eventually…. but for now, it’s on you to backup your own work.

I am currently working on the front page feeds as well…….. as you can probably already see :)

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  1. Aymará says:

    Hi!! Glad that everything is ok now. Frontpage feed its great!
    Thanks for all your work!!