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Rant: The wiki telephone game

Ever play the old “telephone” game…tell the person to your right a secret and they
pass it along to the next guy, and so on and so forth until at the end of the line… the secret
doesn’t resemble what it started out to be.

I wonder how close too Judd’s vision Arch is now, and how close to his original philosophies this wiki page is now.
I’m sure they are both pretty close, but sometimes … I wonder about the validity of wiki’s being editable by everyone.

has “evolved” and turned into this

Personally, I like the first one. KISS. Doesn’t “sugar coat” things, or add layers of confusion.

Apparently the multitude of edits to the first one were not enough either, so now we have

really???? C’mon. At what point does this just seem a bit silly.