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TIP: Ever get those strange characters in your console ?

Ever get those strange looking little buggers in your console after installing Arch and firing up the terminal ?
Something like this –
[crouse@archie ~]$ pstree
│ └─sshd───sshd───bash───pstree

Simply add the following to your .bashrc and close your terminal window and open it up again, or source the .bashrc file again.
export LC_ALL=C

[crouse@archie ~]$ pstree
| `-sshd---sshd---bash---pstree
[crouse@archie ~]$

Getting a listing of blogs on

An easy way to get a listing of all the current blogs in the system.

[crouse@archie ~]$ cat
dbase=`mysql -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD -e"use wordpress; select path from wp_blogs;"`
for data in $dbase ;
echo "${data}"
[crouse@archie ~]$ ./  | grep -v http://archlinux.mepath | sort

Completed the Server Move

Finally completed the server move.

All blogs have been moved that were in use.
Now everything is running on wordpress 3.x multisite enabled.