Bash Passphrase Encryption to the screen.

Sometimes, I wanted to be able to type a letter, and use a passphrase to encrypt it.
I could then paste the output into an email, forum post, wiki …….whatever and have it unreadable unless someone had the passphrase.



# Passphrase encryption program
# Created by Dave Crouse 01-13-2006
# Reads input from text editor and encrypts to screen.
echo " Passphrase Encryption Program";
echo "--------------------------------------------------"; echo "";
which $EDITOR &>/dev/null
if [ $? != "0" ];
echo "It appears that you do not have a text editor set in your
.bashrc file.";
echo "What editor would you like to use ? " ;
read EDITOR ; echo "";
echo "Enter the name/comment for this message :"
read comment
nano passphraseencryption
gpg --armor --comment "$comment" --no-options --output \
passphraseencryption.gpg --symmetric passphraseencryption
shred -u passphraseencryption ; clear
echo "Outputting passphrase encrypted message"; echo "" ; echo "" ;
cat passphraseencryption.gpg ; echo "" ; echo "" ;
shred -u passphraseencryption.gpg ;

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