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ArchLinux on VMware WorkStation on WinXP (Host)

I love my job, I really do.  However I hate that I have to run windows to administer unix/linux machines (just seem counter intuitive ya know ?).  Ah but in the corporate world, you have to bend to the will of the masters.  They are ok with running Linux in a vmware setting though (I know, I know, I know … ).  Enter vmware workstation.  I shelled out the money myself for vmware workstation so that I could run Linux on the desktop.

So far, it’s running very well…and I don’t have a powerhouse machine by todays standards by any means… only 2 gigs of ram in this machine.  For anyone thinking about running Arch on VmWare Workstation, I say go for it, it works great. The Arch Wiki has all the information you really need, albeit in perhaps a few places.   I tried various wm and desktop setups, settled with KDE.  I know, alot of the Arch peeps think “KDE” and snicker… but it works, and I have all the tools I need to get my work done :)  I’ve used Arch at home for about 5 years now, on servers and in a business enviroment.  I love using Arch with vmware center, in a server capacity. vmware center makes it simple to clone servers and with a few scripts, it’s great. Taking snapshots before “updating” makes updates painless and worry free, vmware workstation offers that same feature.  Cost for Vmware Workstation, $139.

Obligatory link:   CODE: PREHOLSALE  Good through midnight Aug 4th.

My setup has dual monitors, and I have Archlinux spanning both monitors full screened, now, I can just pretend that M$ OS doesn’t really run on my machine… hey, I’m not proud.  :D