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Every US politician should set this website to thier homepage.

This post isn’t really ArchLinux related, but every once in awhile, I do read things OTHER than Linux and Arch :)
I had a friend send me this link, and to be honest the first time I visited it, I sort of dismissed it. I ventured across it again
while browsing my bookmarks and clicked it. The webpage is worth a thousand emails from constituents, it speaks volumes about
the world we live in now.

So, Mr/Ms Politician — Bookmark this link and make it your homepage !

Do your country a favor and don’t forget who has to pay this back when your wasting money you don’t really have.
bookmark this page while your at it !


Ok, FINALLY have a new router !

Things should be closer to normal again…. I hope.
New router is in place and functioning , woot !
Also, added in “Add to Any” Plugin :)
Ok, back to work for me.

Router died.

Looks like my expensive gigabit router bit the dust today….. NOT cool. :(

Ah well, such is life, I had it replaced once already, pretty sure it’s out of warranty now.

Anyway, an update on the blogs, everything is running. I have noticed

that the main page hangs when choosing a blog, unless I double click

it now. I’m guessing this has something to do with the the router being gone

and me being plugged directly into the modem instead of through a

router. I had to do some quick changes last night,

I may have to look at those settings again in the network configuration.

Double Clicking the blog, lets me in very fast, it’s weird…….

anyone else experiencing the same pain ?

Anyway, if things seem a bit weird, it’s probably the settings changes

and lack of a router…….sorry. I will probably get a new router


This appears to be a case of nameserver resolution.

When the router failed, I ended up cycling the modem…..which gave me a new ip.

I changed all the dns stuff to point to the new domain.

This “could” be a case of the nameservers not catching up yet….but i

don’t think so, not positive about that.

If that “is” the case, it should clear up by itself in about 24 hours.

My resolv.conf file changed, which isn’t a good thing….. it may be

the root cause of this as well….

Anyway, have heard back from some of you, you have the same “double

click” issue I do…….. so at least I know I’m

not going crazy :)

Hopefully I can get this resolved soon, otherwise I will move it to a

virtual host somewhere , where I don’t have this routing issue.

Edit Figured it out finally……. was a routing table. Reset the route, rebooted the server and violia , it’s much more responsive now :)

Blogs – Day 2

Finally getting used to some of the admin stuff, had a scare yesterday when I disabled the / account… yeah, that was stupid lol. ALL the blogs dissappeared, luckily I was still logged in, and the cookies held, used the firefox history to get back to the admin section and re-enable things…. that was close lol.

There was quite a bit of interest in the blogs in general, and we have about 20 users. Fixed a couple bugs, figured out avatars… so far so good, at least I didn’t blow it up yet lol. Users can of course export their blogs as an added protective measure against my screw ups. (Hey, this is why we test …)

So, for day #2, not to bad :D

Testing out new blog system.

Well, hopefully this works out the way I expect it too.

I now have a few guni….. err voluteers ;)

We will see how it goes from here.

To the volunteers, post comments HERE :)

Thanks again.


Edit —– BUGS:

Fixed Import system.. edited php config file to allow ssl.

Fixed image path for logo on right. Wasn’t showing on article links.

Figured out the AVATAR thing :)

Sign up on … upload your avatar, based on your email ! :) Very cool.

enable gravatars in your SETTINGS > DISCUSSION at the bottom of your control panel.

My url was here: