Power supply explosion

So this is my first post here. yay.  I don’t really plan on using this blog as a diary or any of that crap, but more as a way of documenting and sharing projects that I’m working on currently.  A little background on my workstation, and the situation I’m in right now.  So I originally bought my PC from Fry’s electronics back in 2007 so that I could use it for school.  Mind you, this was the first computer I’ve ever owned in my life.  prior to this I didn’t even know how to type and I only used the internet sporadically for e-mail.  It was the cheapest bundle that they had available at the time. it came with a 17″ flat screen monitor, a single-core 1.7 GHz 32-bit processor, 120 GB Hard Drive, and 512 Mb of RAM.  it was pure crap even in 2007.  However, I was poor, and I had to do with what I could afford.  Now this is originally the reason I tried Linux out.  My PC came pre-installed with Windows Vista Basic, and of course no software.  It ran like a turd because of crappy hardware and the inherent high resource use of win vista, and I couldn’t afford ANY software for it.  So a friend of mine at the local retail office supply store I worked at recommended that I give Ubuntu a whirl. I was instantly intrigued by the idea of open source software and astounded that I could find such high quality software at no cost to me.  It wasn’t long before I started tinkering around, and it wasn’t long after that that I desired more control over my system.  I was eventually drawn to Arch because of the immediate amount of control one has over the system and the command-line oriented way that Arch does things.  I wanted to learn the command line, so I installed Arch.  I instantly fell in love with computing, and this inspired me to go to school for computer engineering.  Over time, I have significantly upgraded my computer.  piece by piece, I’ve changed out the processor, motherboard, graphics card, various peripherals, hard-drives etc.  Now I’m running a 3.2GHz dual-core, with 4 Gb ram, 440 GB storage on 2 internal hard drives, and dual monitors, with a bunch of handy add-ons like a serial port and a home-made FM transmitter.  Now for my recent situation. So about two weeks ago, the ati graphics drivers FINALLY caught up with my hardware, and I was able to run/play vega-strike.  Now, I’m no gamer(vega-strike is more of a face-melter/timewaster), and this is the first and only 3D application I’ve needed to run on my machine.  It turns out, that with my current hardware, I was drawing far more power than my little 300W powersupply could handle (I know, I kn0w, the PS should be the first thing you upgrade, but I’m cheap and figured it could handle it.)  needless to say, my PSU went out in a blaze of glory.  after a little bit of fiddling with a multi-meter just to make sure it wasn’t my mobo or something I decided to finally break down and buy a new powersupply.  it’ll be here in a few days, I’m pretty excited, so I probably won’t be posting too much in here until I can get my box back up and running, probably on July 2nd or so.

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