New Toys Coming!

Alrighty, So I’ve finally got my new motherboard coming in the mail and I can’t wait to get my PC up and running again! ┬áThank god I back everything up regularly, getting my baby back on her feet shouldn’t be too much of a headache.

In other news, I’ve bought some new toys from so I can get to work on some of my new project ideas.

One of the cooler toys is the avr-p28B programmer shown here:

This is going to be a much more elegant solution to the home brew hacky kluge of a development board that I have built on my proto-board. which is awesome, because that frees up a protoboard for other tinkering projects. My next set of projects that I’m going to be working on involve basic robotics based off of AVR micro-controllers. I’ve found a few good sources for parts, and now I only need to find a cheap/good quality PCB manufacturing house to produce the boards once I have them designed. My idea is just to start with a basic solar powered platform with the capability to extend with new ideas as they come. It probably won’t have anything more fancy than a couple of wheels and some sensors, and if I get board, I may add a speaker to it as well. but right now all of that is just an idea, I’ve got to get my workstation back up so I can start drafting some designs and I’ll be ready to go.


  1. Ro... says:

    Nice! Arch + Electronics!

    I’m getting started with electronics and liked your page.

    You have a new reader. More posts, please! Keep it up! :)

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