quick robot update

just ran my first series of tests on the control unit and motors. Learned a lot!!! the 2 motors together running at full speed with no load draw a current of over 780 mA.
this means that at no load, I’m using 3.9W of power. (this also lead to my discovery of NEVER touch the LM7805 voltage regulator, and that I need to invest in a heat sink)
I also learned that a 9V battery does not provide nearly enough current, even for bread boarding purposes, and running the motor controller IC off of one powersupply did not give the desired results, it seems the motor controller wasn’t getting the power it needed to drive the motors and the uC. I breadboarded it up with the 2 voltage sources (one for the uC, one for the motors) as the datasheet for the SN754410 suggested (datasheets don’t lie!) and things worked out magnificently. I’ve still got to do some speed tests on each motor so I can nail down the rate and timing to get accurate turns, but I’ve made definite progress. I’m still working to figure out my battery issue before I can finally finalize a design. right now it’s looking like this project is going to work best with the two power supply system I described above, but I’m going to do some research and see if I can come up with something a little better…

I should have video of some more of my tests coming tommorow.

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