"You an Arch dev then?"

I hang around a few IRC channels pretty much everyday. Yesterday I was discussing my love and usage of Joomla when a member asked if I would be interested in work from time to time that he is not interest in.

“Sure” I said, well who wouldn’t? I’ll drop you an email, 5 minutes later in the IRC channel I got “Oi you an Arch dev or something?” slightly confused I asked why “How’d you get that Archlinux email address?”

Now dear reader what to do? Do I play along thus raising my ‘Lower than whale Pooh’ status or own up that I got it by joining the forum and, well, asking for one?

I plumed for an alternative and gave the impression that while I’m not a Dev I know a top notche contributor who holds me in high esteem. ;-)

Having said that I am hoping to start a project that will be a big promotion of ArchLinux here in the UK (Hint).

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  1. crouse says:

    i’d vote to “own up” ;)

    Lying about things never got me very far, and I wouldn’t feel too good about it if it did.

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