JCE Editor

I run a Joomla site, to be honest I’m kinda proud of it having worked hard adding stuff, customising it and spending a fair bit of money on proprietary modules.

jce editorI use JCE editor which is the internal WYSIWYG I noticed that it was a bit out of date so I decided to update it. Usually this is pretty straight forward, un-install the old one then install the new one the component installed fine but the editor plugin failed!

Thanks to a few years experiance with Joomla I had a pretty good idea what was wrong,  sometimes when you uninstall a module bits get left behind so I quickly jumped on to FileZilla and ftp’d into /public_html/plugins/editors and deleted jce.php and the jce folder which then let the plugin install.

Obviously this will work for any other install error where you get the message “Already exsists” next I’d like to change the template but I’ve not found anything I like yet :-(

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