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archmobileI came across the Arch on Freerunner site by accident a couple of weeks ago, before I started seeing posts about it on the arch-general mailing list.

I’m not a mobile phone fan as far as I’m concerned I just want to make a call, send a text and maybe the odd picture and thats it what caught my attention was the image of Arch Linux running on an N800.

Now I own an N810 which Father Christmas gave me two years ago, its pretty good but to be honest I have blitz’s with it some months I’ll use it most days other times it sits in my pocket feeling unloved and unused. I have installed Easy-Debian but would love to have Arch on instead the problem is there are instructions for getting it on the Freerunner but not specific ones for the N800 let alone the N810. If you read the projects home page the Author seems a little disgruntled and openly admits that the project is ‘stalled’ for the minute.

shout-at-machineI need to beg, steal, borrow or buy an 8GB Mini SD card, which is another gripe, what is it with Google et al? You type in 8GB Mini SD and it comes back with loads of Micro SD options! I find myself screaming at the screen “I cant use Micro SD I want Mini you steaming pile of horse dung” anyway once I have acquired a memory card I will have a go at installing and see if I can turn my N810 into a brick.

If anyone has a proper step by step guide for installing on an N810 can they let me know, send me a link or email me the instructions.

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  1. securitybreach says:

    Wow!!! I also have a n810 and I have a 16gb MiniSD. I would love to run Archlinux on this little machine. I will be following your blog for updated on getting Archlinux on the N810. If it is on the N800 then it should be easy to run on the N810 since most everything is the same except for the processor is faster, webcam, button placement, and memory slots. Other than that they are the same devices.


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