Public Flogging

floggingI goofed, yep I goofed up big time I thought it strange that nobody had signed up for for a few days then I received an email this morning basically telling me that the registration process was broken! “Rubbish I tested it myself” so off I trotted to the website and sure enough you could fill out all your details but when you answered the incredibly hard maths sum authentication it just went in a loop!

“Hm whats wrong there then?” I had a quick look in the back-end but nothing obvious stood out so hopped on the Forum where I got the login module from. “Aha I wonder if that’s the problem” Yep sure enough I had disabled the ‘Show in front end’ in the configuration file.

I have now been publicly flogged which is funny really as I normally have to pay for that sort of service. :-)

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