Midori. Feel the love

I spent a some time customising Midori which I have installed on my Arch laptop, not only is the speed of this browser awesome but its jam packed with time saving features.

Under ‘Tools’ you will notice a menu entry ‘Manage Search Engines’ here you can add custom search criteria, “whats the point?” I’ll tell you, you set whats called tokens then add the URL so for example lets say you want to add the Arch Linux wiki you add the following URL:


I then added the token: aw

This (For me) stands for Arch Wiki then all I now need to do in the browser address bar is type: aw xorg and Midori brings up the Xorg page on the wiki which is a heck of a lot faster than typing in http://wiki.archlinux.org then typing my search criteria.

I currently have;

  • g = Google
  • wp = WikiPedia
  • fd = The free dictionary
  • aw = Arch Linux wiki

As I fathom out more I will write some updates.

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