What a nice group

I was minding my own business yesterday on a number of IRC channels when I was pinged by a member of the Arch Mobile team. Apparently they had come across my post regarding installing Arch on the Nokia N810, panicking that I’d written something wrong I hopped over to #arch-arm where I came across a very friendly group of people.

After a few questions about my seriousness of installing Arch on my N810 the main protagonist threw me curve ball which took me by surprise “How’d you fancy being a Dev?” Now I keep telling everyone who will listen I don’t code and I’ve never written a program. This did not seem to phase them;

welcomeCan you configure X?

Er yeah I have done on the odd occasion.

Can you use /make /make install etc?

Yeah with varying levels of success.

Then you should not have any problems and we can help you with packaging

I was totally shocked, surely these people are not Open Source developers? Where’s the grouchiness? Where’s the put down line? Where’s the wall of silence? No what I found was some friendly people who went out of ‘their’ way to track down a nobody who had shown some interest in their project.

If you’re what I’d call a proper developer and fancy helping these people out or would like to get involved then hop over to http://www.archmobile.org or irc.freenode.net #arch-arm

As soon as I buy a bigger Micro SD card I will definately have a go at installing then hopefully I will feel less of a fraud and take them up on their offer.


  1. jelly says:

    Hmm well i that’s almost kinda how i rolled into the archlinux gaming project, but they knew i had some AUR experience. If you only need to build packages then AUR experience is enough and if you start to like it you will learn coding and dig into it :)

  2. naeg says:


    Here is the Dev who talked to dick_turpin.
    Some people said that this post is a lil bit “harsh”, so i wanted to write a statement, and make sure that it isn’t?

    To your Surprise: You don’t have to be able to code anything, because we “just” port Arch Linux(We, as archmobile.org do not program any applications). The main thing we are doing is making Packages, which isn’t that hard really, configuring and testing.
    And creating a PKGBUILD is like running ./configure make make install, just automated.

    This Post sounds to me like you are totally glowing, i already feel a bit shamed because of all this laud.

    Greetings, naeg

    • dick_turpin says:

      I’m not sure where there is any harshness in the post? other than towards those who make people feel unwelcome on mailing lists, forums and IRC channels. For those situations I make no apologies at all and will not accept arrogant attitudes.

      As for glowing, yes I am a bit. Rather than feeling shamed you should feel proud, you did a good thing and made another person happy :-)

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