Hope that helps

Updating was up the creek for me over the past couple of days, I’m not 100% sure what was wrong it seemed to take anything from 20 minutes to an hour just to sync let alone update. I hopped over to the Arch Forum half expecting some sort of message “Sorry folks pacman has got swine flu” but did not see anything that jumped out at me so did a few searches.

I ran across this post; pacman -Syu error thinking maybe this was my problem I read on, unfortunately it was nothing of the sort it turned out that a new user to Arch Linux had got himself into a bit of a mess with regards his mirrorlist seeking help he was, in a nutshell, told to “Go away and use something else and come back when you’ve learnt more” I’ll be honest, it made my blood boil!

I posted a step by step walk-through which so far has seemed to raise a few hackles which is sort of funny if you think about it apparently helping someone with a problem on forum that is there to, um help, is a bad thing? Hoarding knowledge so as to disenfranchise potential converts is a good thing? Oh and the icing on the cake pat them on the head and suggest another distro! This reminded me of I post I read recently New User Retention.

Here’s a pledge: If you want to know how to do something and I know how, ask me and I’ll tell you, I’ll even work with you to sort it.

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