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Microsoft Fingerprint reader

ms_fingerprintreaderMy mate Dan gave me a Microsoft fingerprint reader as it only works under XP or Vista and he now has Windows 7 anyway my first thought obviously was “Can I get it working on my Arch box?” I had a quick look on the Forum and wiki but unless I’m blind I couldn’t see anything specific to this model.

It seemed a safe bet that I needed ‘fprint’ so I just plunged in hoping that would sort me out and issued pacman -S fprint this installed libfprint, fprint_demo, pam_fprint and imagemagic

By running /usr/bin/fprint_demo I could get the GUI to run but the reader was not working obviously I needed a driver. The one I needed was libdpfp

Once downloaded
tar -xzf libdpfp-0.2.2.tar.gz
cd libdpfp-0.2.2/
./configure –prefix=/usr/local
Make install

Test that everything works
cd examples

Success! It scans in my fingerprint, I closed that and ran fprint_demo and enrolled my fingerprint now I need to work on incorporating this for logging into Gnome.

[Incomplete more to follow]