The partys over

arch-demiseYep the party’s over for we tried we really did but the interest was not there. I think there was a number of reasons obviously the main one being that there is already an English speaking location it was a nice idea to have a UK based home but as I say why bother when you can join the main site? Its a different matter if you’re French or German although most Europeans can speak English to be fair.

We did manage to get into double figures for membership and had something like 30 odd posts but it was just not enough. The site was very kindly hosted by my friend Dave in the United States he has some hardware plans and asked me if I wanted to continue with the site which is totally my responsibility but  I made the decision to pull the plug there is a cost element to the site hosting and given the almost stagnant state of the forum I could not let good money run after bad.

I’d like to thank everyone who signed up and gave some contributions also thanks to Dave for hosting it and putting up with my requests for housekeeping tasks that was required now and again. The domain is not dead and I/We may well do something with it next year, there is still the IRC channel Freenode but only myself and a couple of others ever seem to turn up in there.

Anyway it was a good learning experience and I enjoyed the last 12 Months so once again “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

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