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The partys over

arch-demiseYep the party’s over for we tried we really did but the interest was not there. I think there was a number of reasons obviously the main one being that there is already an English speaking location it was a nice idea to have a UK based home but as I say why bother when you can join the main site? Its a different matter if you’re French or German although most Europeans can speak English to be fair.

We did manage to get into double figures for membership and had something like 30 odd posts but it was just not enough. The site was very kindly hosted by my friend Dave in the United States he has some hardware plans and asked me if I wanted to continue with the site which is totally my responsibility but  I made the decision to pull the plug there is a cost element to the site hosting and given the almost stagnant state of the forum I could not let good money run after bad.

I’d like to thank everyone who signed up and gave some contributions also thanks to Dave for hosting it and putting up with my requests for housekeeping tasks that was required now and again. The domain is not dead and I/We may well do something with it next year, there is still the IRC channel Freenode but only myself and a couple of others ever seem to turn up in there.

Anyway it was a good learning experience and I enjoyed the last 12 Months so once again “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

What's happening?

What’s happening? That’s a good  question I was really busy with LugRadio Live 2009 but that finished two weeks ago! Thing is I’ve had lots of projects that I’ve also put on hold so I needed to get those out of the way.

There has not been a lot happening with the membership has grown and I have had some offers of help, I’m hoping to to some work with the site and the members next week.

Public Flogging

floggingI goofed, yep I goofed up big time I thought it strange that nobody had signed up for for a few days then I received an email this morning basically telling me that the registration process was broken! “Rubbish I tested it myself” so off I trotted to the website and sure enough you could fill out all your details but when you answered the incredibly hard maths sum authentication it just went in a loop!

“Hm whats wrong there then?” I had a quick look in the back-end but nothing obvious stood out so hopped on the Forum where I got the login module from. “Aha I wonder if that’s the problem” Yep sure enough I had disabled the ‘Show in front end’ in the configuration file.

I have now been publicly flogged which is funny really as I normally have to pay for that sort of service. :-) Goes Live!

extra-extra2The site went live! on Sunday it is a bit rough and ready but hey I’m not expecting to win ‘Open Source Designer of the Year Award’.

Yes there is still Loren Ipsum text spewed all over the place and maybe the odd module is visible that shouldn’t be but overall its usable and presentable. I’ve had some positive feed back already and (Hopefully) actual people have started to sign up. reaches stage 2

So the Joomla website is installed and has been updated to the latest version. The IRC component has been installed, actually I’m sort of proud of that I’ve done my very 1st Hack at least I think that’s what its called?

I took someones component (Its OK its GPL) and edited the <iframe> contained in an HTML file then changed some of the parameters in the .php file I had to do a few trial and errors to get the size right and change some of the wording but amazingly it actually works!

The idea is to let visitors to the site have access I know your thinking “But everyone has a chat client” but there maybe somebody who hasn’t got one or they are at work and cant use one.

I’ve also installed Agora Forum and setup some of the categorys I’m pretty sure there are more sections that need adding but I guess posters will soon let me know whats needed.

Dave is being a little treasure and putting up with my furious emails with regards Can you run this command please Dave?” or “Can you check the permissions?” Dave has now added the logo to our email account which he and I are jealously guarding as everyone in the world will want one when the site is launched because all the cool users will hang out at

I’ve had to put the launch date back a week as there are still some areas that need sorting out and I’ve not finished changing the demo text to something real. reaches stage 1

After a week of testing Dave Crouse has approved my crayon drawings for the proposed site.

The hosting is now sorted out due to my relentless harassment which is why Dave now looks  shagged out after only having 2 or three hours sleep per night for the last week or so.

I’m now busy adding and editing the content so hopefully we will be looking at a launch in about a weeks time.

IRC Channel for

Yes folks we now have an IRC channel for