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Microsoft Fingerprint reader

ms_fingerprintreaderMy mate Dan gave me a Microsoft fingerprint reader as it only works under XP or Vista and he now has Windows 7 anyway my first thought obviously was “Can I get it working on my Arch box?” I had a quick look on the Forum and wiki but unless I’m blind I couldn’t see anything specific to this model.

It seemed a safe bet that I needed ‘fprint’ so I just plunged in hoping that would sort me out and issued pacman -S fprint this installed libfprint, fprint_demo, pam_fprint and imagemagic

By running /usr/bin/fprint_demo I could get the GUI to run but the reader was not working obviously I needed a driver. The one I needed was libdpfp

Once downloaded
tar -xzf libdpfp-0.2.2.tar.gz
cd libdpfp-0.2.2/
./configure –prefix=/usr/local
Make install

Test that everything works
cd examples

Success! It scans in my fingerprint, I closed that and ran fprint_demo and enrolled my fingerprint now I need to work on incorporating this for logging into Gnome.

[Incomplete more to follow]

Dell Mini 10 (#2)

Hooray! We have GUI. I installed GDM and LXDE now works? I did have a GTK icon theme error but it works.

Outstanding problems

  • Keyboard reset to US (This will probably be something to do with policykit).
  • Locales up the creek as per usual “Falling back to default”.
  • Still no WIFI (Need to install the broadcom-wl apparently).
  • Wicd horribly broken (Dunno will need to have a look).

Still to be done

  • Camera
  • USB (Do they work? Will they mount?)
  • SD slot
  • Function keys

Need some answers

  • Should I install laptop-tools?
  • What else is there that would be good specifically for this machine?

Dell Mini 10 (#1)

Dell Mini BlueI’ve owned a Dell Mini 10 for about two weeks now it came pre-installed with Ubuntu which was OK and worked fine but was just not my cup of tea.

I ran the Chakra Live to see what it looked like on the Dell and also to find out what was not working and would need tweaking. As I suspected WIFI was not working wicd reported that no wireless network points could be found which was clearly a fib, smearing the blood of a virgin chicken had little effect either and obviously some stronger Voodoo was going to be required. Now I’ve used Arch for about two years and have a rough idea of what I’m doing so downloaded the USB image and went ahead and installed the base system, by the way glad to see the default IP has been changed to ‘dhcp’ why it was never that in the first place is beyond me.

I set up sound and installed Xorg along with LXDE, Wireless is not sorted yet. X works doing startx brings up the basic xterm however doing exec startlxde fails? To be honest I’ve been doing most of this at the wrong times generally when I only have 30 minutes to an hour spare which is nowhere near enough time. I now need to trawl through the logs to find out whats going on so for the minute I’m stuck with a CLI interface.

If anyone else owns a Dell Mini 10 feel free to get in touch and pass on any wisdom you have, the Wiki page for the Dell Mini 10v is a bit sparse information wise.