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What's happening?

What’s happening? That’s a good  question I was really busy with LugRadio Live 2009 but that finished two weeks ago! Thing is I’ve had lots of projects that I’ve also put on hold so I needed to get those out of the way.

There has not been a lot happening with the membership has grown and I have had some offers of help, I’m hoping to to some work with the site and the members next week.

Its my Birthday too!

Yep its my Birthday too, on Monday the 21 of September I shall have been making my mark on this planet for 48 years which makes me old enough to be Jono Bacon’s dad Laughing
Seeing as others pimp their wish list I thought I’d sling mine out on the Internet too:

Hope that helps

Updating was up the creek for me over the past couple of days, I’m not 100% sure what was wrong it seemed to take anything from 20 minutes to an hour just to sync let alone update. I hopped over to the Arch Forum half expecting some sort of message “Sorry folks pacman has got swine flu” but did not see anything that jumped out at me so did a few searches.

I ran across this post; pacman -Syu error thinking maybe this was my problem I read on, unfortunately it was nothing of the sort it turned out that a new user to Arch Linux had got himself into a bit of a mess with regards his mirrorlist seeking help he was, in a nutshell, told to “Go away and use something else and come back when you’ve learnt more” I’ll be honest, it made my blood boil!

I posted a step by step walk-through which so far has seemed to raise a few hackles which is sort of funny if you think about it apparently helping someone with a problem on forum that is there to, um help, is a bad thing? Hoarding knowledge so as to disenfranchise potential converts is a good thing? Oh and the icing on the cake pat them on the head and suggest another distro! This reminded me of I post I read recently New User Retention.

Here’s a pledge: If you want to know how to do something and I know how, ask me and I’ll tell you, I’ll even work with you to sort it.

Arch Medieval

A couple of years ago I created this image it seems that lots of people get a kick out of it so I’ll reproduce it here.


Cats out the bag!

Our illustrious leader Dave Crouse has opened his trap and spilled the beans on our mutual plan to take over the UK, Dave owns and very kindly offered it to me on the understanding I did something that involved some jello, a flying helmet and trampoline?

But seriously I’m pretty excited at the possibility of having a dedicated UK site for ArchLinux users. We are pretty much in the early stages I’ve been doing a lot of research with regards the site itself, the format and what other groups, sites and interest is out on the World Wide Web. While there are numerous groups on FaceBook,, Twitter blah blah blah I only found one website as such

I have to say in my own personal opinion the site is pretty upsetting for an Arch fan like myself, its full of spam from credit card companies, loan offers and very few if any proper posts for members I have to say I feel slightly sorry for the current owner of the Domain perhaps they did not get the support that they should have?

I emailed them and asked if they would like to transfer the domain to me/Dave which would be good for the while I did get a reply I think they are loathed to give up the Domain so I’m hoping once takes off they may change their minds.

No firm desicions have been made yet on if the site will have a forum or a mailing list, probably it will have both we may even look at hosting some blogs maybe in conjunction with which is pretty non-discript with regards country.

I’m bursting at the seams to announce it but we need to get something built first before we get flooded with all the homeless UK ArchLinux users and Ex Ubuntu users who will not be able to resist the draw of our community.

"You an Arch dev then?"

I hang around a few IRC channels pretty much everyday. Yesterday I was discussing my love and usage of Joomla when a member asked if I would be interested in work from time to time that he is not interest in.

“Sure” I said, well who wouldn’t? I’ll drop you an email, 5 minutes later in the IRC channel I got “Oi you an Arch dev or something?” slightly confused I asked why “How’d you get that Archlinux email address?”

Now dear reader what to do? Do I play along thus raising my ‘Lower than whale Pooh’ status or own up that I got it by joining the forum and, well, asking for one?

I plumed for an alternative and gave the impression that while I’m not a Dev I know a top notche contributor who holds me in high esteem. ;-)

Having said that I am hoping to start a project that will be a big promotion of ArchLinux here in the UK (Hint).

Lets get started

So I’ve had a justly deserved shoeing for scrounging this blog and not posting anything yet.

As the school reports used to say “Could do better” ;-)