"You an Arch dev then?"

I hang around a few IRC channels pretty much everyday. Yesterday I was discussing my love and usage of Joomla when a member asked if I would be interested in work from time to time that he is not interest in.

“Sure” I said, well who wouldn’t? I’ll drop you an email, 5 minutes later in the IRC channel I got “Oi you an Arch dev or something?” slightly confused I asked why “How’d you get that Archlinux email address?”

Now dear reader what to do? Do I play along thus raising my ‘Lower than whale Pooh’ status or own up that I got it by joining the forum and, well, asking for one?

I plumed for an alternative and gave the impression that while I’m not a Dev I know a top notche contributor who holds me in high esteem. ;-)

Having said that I am hoping to start a project that will be a big promotion of ArchLinux here in the UK (Hint).

Joomla update fail!

As I’m a lazy so and so I use Joomla Updater by http://www.realtyna.com version 1.4.0 Written by Rahman Haghparast on my Joomla website.

Basically its a simple button to click on that then fetches either the core or patch (you get to choose) to /tmp then overwrites your current installation.

Its never let me down until this morning, there it was flashing away with “Click to update Joomla” however today I got “There was a problem fetching Joomla zip file Joomla_1.5.3_to_1.5.11-Stable-Patch_Package.zip was used for updating joomla core.

Error : ‘PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature’There was a problem updating joomla to the latest version”.

I’ve had a look on Google and yes there are lots of posts with PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT but I cant believe they are the reason as I’m using firefox, I doubt Joomla has a bad zip file, my hosting service has not changed anything.

What is strange is realtyna.com who make the updater is down or dead? Perhaps the updater module is at fault?

LugRadio Live UK 2009

If you are an ArchLinux user and in the UK on the 24th October 2009 come to LugRadio live and slap me on my bald bonce, last year there was only three Archfanboys there and one of them was me!

Linux Outlaws and Me

Linux Outlaws and Me

24th October 2009

Newhampton Arts Centre


United Kingdom

Lets get started

So I’ve had a justly deserved shoeing for scrounging this blog and not posting anything yet.

As the school reports used to say “Could do better” ;-)