Posts tagged ‘UK’ reaches stage 2

So the Joomla website is installed and has been updated to the latest version. The IRC component has been installed, actually I’m sort of proud of that I’ve done my very 1st Hack at least I think that’s what its called?

I took someones component (Its OK its GPL) and edited the <iframe> contained in an HTML file then changed some of the parameters in the .php file I had to do a few trial and errors to get the size right and change some of the wording but amazingly it actually works!

The idea is to let visitors to the site have access I know your thinking “But everyone has a chat client” but there maybe somebody who hasn’t got one or they are at work and cant use one.

I’ve also installed Agora Forum and setup some of the categorys I’m pretty sure there are more sections that need adding but I guess posters will soon let me know whats needed.

Dave is being a little treasure and putting up with my furious emails with regards Can you run this command please Dave?” or “Can you check the permissions?” Dave has now added the logo to our email account which he and I are jealously guarding as everyone in the world will want one when the site is launched because all the cool users will hang out at

I’ve had to put the launch date back a week as there are still some areas that need sorting out and I’ve not finished changing the demo text to something real.