Free music

I really dislike the RIAA, the major music industry in the United States. I decided to stop buying music from them.

About two years ago I decided to completely stop listening to music from the RIAA. I deleted all of the music I had from them. I now only download (and pretty much listen to) music that is available for free by the artist. Also, I’m not against paying an artist for music, as long as they are not associated with the RIAA. Here are some of my favorite websites.


Not only does all of this music cost no money, but you are also free to do (almost) anything you want with it, including adding it to a movie soundtrack or making a new song with it.


This is a website for Japanese musicians. It is easy to navigate and there are many different styles of music. There is music of MANY different styles available. I contacted some of the artists and thanked them for their work.

OverClocked ReMix

This website hosts tons of video game music remixes. If you don’t know where to start, try downloading some of the albums they have produced.


Magnatune hosts many different types of music from around the world. It is possible to find free music to download from them. Most of the music there can be purchased and is inexpensive, and much of the profit goes to the artists.

If you are interested in removing any RIAA material from your music collection, you can use the RIAA Radar.

At first I was worried about if listening to only free music would work. It’s been a great experience. I don’t feel like I have any shortage of good music to listen to.

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