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My new love: Python + wxPython

I have a new love. It’s Python with wxWidgets. Add xwGlade, and I think I’ve found programming nirvana.

I’ve been programming in Python for a couple of weeks now. I find it very easy to learn, writing code is super fast, I don’t have to waste my time writing things that the language already understands, it’s well documented, and it’s pretty to look at and read. That also happens to be pretty much everything I’d read about Python. As an interpreted language, I’d also heard that Python is slower that C, but I certainly haven’t noticed it being slow.

I also started using wxPython about two weeks ago. It was easy to learn and make a GUI with, and the GUI I made looks great on both Linux and Windows.

wxGlade was dead simple to learn. I was able to throw together a GUI really quickly and start adding functionality to it.

Here are some of my favorite sites for learning wxPython:

I have very little time to work on personal programming projects, but working with Python + wxPython + wxGlade has been extremely fast and fun.