Software development lessons

  • There should be clear communication about what the problem actually is.

Don’t solve the wrong problem.

  • Solve the problem to meet specifications.
  • Perform test driven design.

If you are unsure of your goals then you’ll never reach them.

  • Use debugging tools.

You can find and fix the problem much faster using debugging tools instead of print commands or, worse, randomly changing things.

  • Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Create a personal collection of software tools and libraries that I wrote.

Learn from the work you do, and keep it with you in order to use it in the future.

  • Write modules with a single responsibility.

If a module tries to do more than one thing, splitting it up will probably make the design easier.

  • Write against interfaces, not classes.

Even if it seems simple and silly to write a simple interface for a single class to use, chances are, in a big project, having it written against an interface will very likely make your life easier in the future.

  • Learn how the entire software system works.

If you can be that person on the project that knows what every part of the system does, you’ll be invaluable.

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