I finally gave in and started using the Openbox window manager.

I didn’t want to use it for the longest time for two primary reasons:

  1. It didn’t have any like a task bar, and I couldn’t find any stand alone task bars that I liked.
  2. It’s too popular. So many Arch Linux users use Openbox!

I had an epiphany recently, and that was that I really don’t want anything like a task bar. I use window shading a lot. When I want a window to be hidden, I simply iconify it to nowhere and bring it up again using the root menu. It’s great!

I have conky setup to give my all the heads-up information I need, and a slick theme to make everything look nice.

Openbox supports full compliance with things like full screen applications and changing the screen resolution, which my previous window manager lacked.

I’m happy with Openbox so far, and look forward to using it for a long time.


  1. M says:

    Yo, where did you get your background picture from? Nice desktop btw!

  2. drcouzelis says:

    Thanks! I think you can download the wallpaper here:

  3. Adam says:

    What WM did you use before Openbox?

    • drcouzelis says:

      It was Window Maker. I used it for a long time, especially during my years at college.