Software on Haiku

I’ve been spending a lot of time using Haiku recently. I had a particularly fun night recently.

I’ve been itching to contribute some nice software to Haiku for a while. Last year I made my first piece of Haiku software: a screensaver of pretty falling leaves. It seemed like a good place to start for me since I like making video games, and screensavers are pretty much just video games without any user input.

My plan for my next piece of software is to pick a nice library, compile in on Haiku, and then write a native GUI to interact with it. I decided to start by writing an RSS client. It’s coming along slowly but fine.

It’s funny, there’s “no software applications for Haiku”, but at the same time, every time I think I have a great idea to fill in some functionality gap, I find out there already is an application for it in Haiku that works fine. Combine that with the WebPositive web browser and you now have a ton of functionality that’s provided by websites (RSS feed readers, email, document creation…) Probably the biggest application gap I see is that there’s no native word processor, but it’s really hard for me to care. I don’t really use word processors in any operating systems.

Lastly, here’s my usual list of some of the stuff I did in Haiku recently:

  • Log in to my MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and Gmail chat accounts using Caya
  • Download YouTube videos using youtube-dl and watch them using MediaPlayer
  • Listen to music while I program using a playlist in MediaPlayer
  • Host a simple static web page using PoorMan (a “poor man’s” web server)
  • Create a new software project with the Paladin IDE, setup a new project on SourceForge, and sync my work using git
  • Check my email and visit various websites using WebPositive
  • Use BePDF to view some documents that were emailed to me
  • I had some fun trying out and voting on some of the new software releases on Haikuware.

In the past I’ve downloaded files through bittorrent using Transmission, but for some reason it wasn’t working last week. I didn’t really look into it, but I think I was trying to use a crummy seeds.

I plan on spending more time in Vision, the native IRC client, to learn more about software development in Haiku.

Oh, I almost forgot! I resized my partitions and gave myself a new Haiku native partition. So I now have a partition for the Arch Linux operating system, the Haiku operating system, my Linux personal data, and my Haiku personal data. This way I don’t have to fret when upgrading.

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