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1500 post update

I recently made post number 1500 on the Arch Linux forums. I thought it’d be nice to take a moment and reflect on Arch Linux and its community.

So, let me tell you about MMORPGs. They scare me. I’ve never played them, but I’ve watched, and lost, friends that do. MMORPGs look boring to me. They look like mindless grinding for the simple purpose of making a number increase that resides on a computer somewhere that could get erased at any moment. How ridiculous.

And then one day I suddenly realized: I do play an MMORPG. It’s called the Arch Linux forums. I log in every day for at least an hour. I play with other people from around the world. I monitor my stats as they increase. I don’t think I’ve fought any battles, unless you count Vim vs EMACS. Anyway, it was a harsh realization.

I’m more active on the Arch Linux forums than anywhere else on the Internet by far. It’s my hobby. It’s enjoyable. It doesn’t feel like a chore. Sometimes I ponder what it would be like to become a moderator, but I quickly remember how much I enjoy not having any responsibilities there. Plus, I’d probably abuse my powers. “You have violated forum etiquette by recommending EMACS. Closed. Binned. For deletion.”

The Arch Linux forums and wiki are kind of a big deal on the Internet. As some of the best technical resources for Linux, users from all types of distributions find their way to them for help. And it’s so easy to contribute to. Anyone can create an account and start answering quesions and posting information.

I think it’s neat the way Arch Linux doen’t do any “advertising”. The developers have no desire to promote Arch Linux. Instead, they make the best operating system they can, and people interested in its features end up finding it (like I did). Arch Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions, all based on its technical merit and community.

It’s been over three and a half years since I started using Arch Linux. I have no reason or desire to switch to anything else. Except maybe to get rid of systemd.