Updating my operating system trifecta

This weekend, I updated the four operating systems I have installed on my computer. Well, Arch Linux doesn’t really count, because, you know, it just keeps rolling along.


I started with the nightly Haiku gcc2hybrid4 build, because it’s the easiest. I enjoy updating to the latest nightly. I installed it and looked for any signs of the usual regressions: video driver problems, sound card problems, network problems… When there is a regression, I find the commit that caused it and report it on the Haiku bug tracker, where the kind Haiku developers promptly fix it. It’s fun! But, alas, everything worked great.

I have a separate partition with the Be File System on it to store all my personal files. It makes installing the nightlies super simple.

Linux Mint

I installed the latest version of Linux Mint, Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon x86_64. I almost never use it, but when I do it’s for two primary reasons. One, my Arch Linux installation is messed up and I’m in a hurry to get something done (usually related to my stupid webcam). And two, I like to experience Linux distributions that are setup to be visually attractive (unlike Arch Linux), to get ideas of what I can do to beautify my Arch Linux setup.


I reinstalled FreeBSD 9.1 x86_64. It’s funny, no matter how many times I try, I just don’t seem to get FreeBSD. Well, I decided to give it yet another shot. Video, audio, and networking are all working great. I’ll try compiling and installing some more packages tonight.

I have one partition split into to UFS slices, one for the operating system and one for my home directory.

And thus ends my experience updating the all of my operating systems!

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