A quick laugh

Despite having quit GMail (Thunderbird 3.0 is awesome, BTW) due to a fear of Google’s control over my data, I’m currently using Chromium for some of my daily browsing. Iron doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore.

Chromium can be quirky. Just now, I downloaded a .txt file. Then I clicked the file in the download manager to see if it would open in gvim or complain that it didn’t know what program to use.

I did not expect what actually happened:

Chromium opened the file in Microsoft Notepad for Windows. Using wine.


  1. cray says:

    It isn’t Cromium’s bug. After wine installing, Firefox may do the same thing.

  2. cactus says:

    haha! That’s a good one.

  3. Pierre says:

    Hint: Chromium uses xdg-open to open files. So it looks like wine has messed up with your config.

  4. ignacio says:

    True, isn’t a Chromium issue, is because wine installation.

    What I actually do after that, is to use PlayOnLinux to avoid this interference of wine apps in my gnome environment.

  5. thoughtcrime says:

    The main reason why I avoid Iron is, because they host their sourcecode on rapidshare. Yes, on a one click-hoster in the times of sourceforge, google code and so on. How do they even want to maintain the code theirselves? It is completely nuts!