Arch Linux Laptop Sticker Price Reduction

I recently ordered a new batch of Arch Linux laptop stickers. However, because they have been selling so well, I ordered three times the number that I usually stock! I was able to get a much better price by ordering a larger bulk quantity and I’m excited to pass the savings onto all the loyal Arch Linux users out there.

The price for a single Arch Linux Sticker has dropped from $1.90 to $1.35. The savings are even greater if you purchase in bulk; you can now order 20 stickers for 80 cents a piece!

Arch Linux Laptop Sticker

Head over to to order your stickers and other Arch Linux goodies. If you’re interested in more generic Arch Linux branded items, check out our Zazzle shop.


  1. hadrons123 says:

    Do you really have a rough number of how much stickers you sell?

    • Dusty Phillips says:

      It’s a very rough number, but I think I sold the last batch of 1000 stickers in 12-18 months.

  2. Roman says:

    in is $.50 per sticker..

  3. Marcus Moeller says:

    Just ordered a bunch. Thanks for the hint ;)