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Creating Apps In Kivy: The Book

I apologize for my near-silence over the past few months. I’ve packed house and moved twice in that time, started a new job, and, relevant to this post, written a book.

My Creating an application in Kivy blog series has been by far the most popular set of posts on this blog. It garners about 200 views per day, and has been doing so for nearly a year. This taught me a very important lesson: posts with controversial titles, (notably this one, but basically anything that has hit hacker news) are much less valuable than posts with meaningful long-term content. Getting a few thousand hits in one day is pretty satisfying, but when most of your “readers” simply comment on the post without having read the article, that hit-count becomes meaningless.

“Creating an application in Kivy”, on the other hand, has had sixteen thousand visits to part 1, and nearly three thousand of those have made their way all the way to part 9. I could definitely achieve more hits per day by writing a new minimum-content controversial article every day, but these visitors keep coming with no effort on my part. This is lucky, as the focus on writing solid content for my book has taken time away from writing solid content for this blog.

And with that, I’d like to announce that Creating Apps In Kivy is now available. This project started when the aforementioned tutorial caught the eye of an O’Reilly editor. They helped me put together a great book that I am proud of and confident you will enjoy.

Creating Apps in Kivy covers many of the topics discussed in my tutorial, but in more depth and with much more polish. Like the tutorial, it takes you from “new to Kivy” to creating and deploying a complete application to your Android or iOS device. It’s a fun, short read and I’m proud to present it to you today. If you liked the tutorial, buying my book would be a great way to support my work!