Dusty Phillips

  • Canadian
  • Saskatchewan born
  • Seattle, Washington resident
  • Author
  • Python Coder
  • Facebook Employee
  • Open Source Evangelist
  • Yogi
  • Established 1983
  • BSc CIS Athabasca University
  • MSc CS


  1. Hi,

    I think I’m one of your technical reviewers for the book you’re writing for Packt. If you have any questions about my feedback for when I’m not clear or you just want to flame me for being too picky, feel free to email me. I am really enjoying the book so far and hope to implement some of the tricks you’ve mentioned in chapter 8 in some code I’m currently refactoring at work.

    Have a nice day!

    - Mike

  2. J LaCroix says:

    Hi there, I have some questions about the Arch Schwag. Can you please review this topic for me?

  3. Salvador says:

    I’am reading your book on Python 3 in the kindle version. I like it but is annoying that half of the graphs do not work. Is a way to solve this problem?

    • dusty says:

      Hi Salvador,

      I contacted my publisher a couple weeks ago to see if he could fix the kindle version. They said they would look into it, I haven’t heard back. I will ping them again today.

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