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Arch Linux Handbook

There have been a few calls for print versions of the Arch Linux Beginner’s guide. If all goes well, there should be one available in October.

I’m exploring various self-publishing options, and have been working with Amazon CreateSpace to publish a couple of my father’s novels. Its easy to work with, so I converted the guide to book form, renamed it as the “Arch Linux Handbook”, created a cover, and submitted it to CreateSpace. They’ve authorized it for printing, so now I’m waiting for a proof to arrive. Once I’ve verified the look of it, it’ll be available on its own CreateSpace website or directly through I’ll link to it on Arch Schwag when its available.

I have to confess that I didn’t put a lot off effort into this project, its basically the most direct translation of web-to-print that I can manage. I’m sure it won’t make complete sense (eg: links that say “click here”), but it’ll be a handy thing to have on your desk… or give to all your friends that think Arch Linux is Too Hard. There may be a typo on the cover (I recently discovered that CreateSpace won’t let me edit the “A Simple Lightweight Linuk Handbook tagline I wrote on the amazon page… oops), or pagination errors. Oh well, there’s always the option of doing a second edition!Arch Linux Handbook Cover

My ArchLinux Laptop Bag

One of the requirements for maintaining a blog on is to talk about Arch Linux. I haven’t done that at all. My compulsion to obey the rules is sneaking up on me.

Like Dave Crouse, I ordered an Arch Linux laptop bag from the Arch Schwag Shop. I picked the three-ways-to-carry District Threads Montezuma Convertible.

Its higher quality and more streamlined than I expected. I keep finding new pockets or neat features that I didn’t know about. Its a perfect size and exactly what I was hoping for. Its beautifully embroidered and looks great:
laptop bag

Profits from Arch Schwag purchases help support the Arch Linux project. If you’re in the market for a new laptop bag, (or jewellery, case badge, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more), please consider our merchandise: the bags are good quality for the price and very unique.

Disclaimer: I’m the maintainer of both Arch Schwag Shops. Thanks for your support and keep buying!