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Server Outages

It’s not my fault! Yes, I did kill a few sites last week, and I did choose not to recover all of them. But the issue with several of my sites (,, being out all weekend was not my fault. That was caused by a MySQL upgrade on my shared webhost. The Python MySQL connector was unable to find the new library, and thus, all Python DB-driven sites on that host were hosed.
“Ok, so why didn’t you just fix it instead of leaving it out all weekend?” you ask.

I’d like to have a story like Judd, Aaron, or Dale used to use, “I was out camping/drinking/enjoying myself, and that was the weekend the server chose to go down.”

The sad truth is, I was stuck in the winter’s worst blizzard. While the weather dumped two feet of snow on us, drifted into 11 foot banks, my satellite internet connection was mostly down, and my power was off as much as it was on, all weekend. I wasn’t able to get a ssh session to last long enough to track down a fix for the issue.

storm 3

I apologize for the inconvenience, but there was nothing I could do but sit tight and wait the storm out.

Arch Linux Pens

I’d like to announce the arrival of Arch Linux Pens to the Schwag shop. These are nicer than I imagined, very opulent’ I’m very happy with them and hope you will be too.

Pens are deep blue and gold with “Arch Linux” and “” engraved on them. They have a soft black grip and fine ball-point black ink. They are available for $5 individually, or as low as $3.50 in bulk.

Order them now from


Arch Schwag Shipping Delays

I promised last month that pre-orders on pens, case badges, and laptop stickers would be filling early in the New Year.

All three of these items are coming from different suppliers, and all three of them are late. I am still expecting all of them “any day now,” but I wanted to let anyone waiting for their items know that there’s going to be a bit more of a delay than I expected. I have about 40 orders outstanding, and I will try to fill them all as quickly as possible as the supplier orders arrive.

Items shipping from Zazzle, and other Arch Schwag items including Jewellery, wooden sculptures, and laptop bags should continue shipping on their normal schedules.

Arch Schwag Updates

You might think things have been pretty quiet on the Arch Schwag front lately, but behind the scenes a lot has been happening. As always, I’m constantly looking for new concepts to place on t-shirts and other mechandise at the Zazzle Schwag Shop, so let me know what you’ve got!

In addition, I’ve finally reordered the very popular Arch Linux Case Badges. I don’t have them in stock yet, but any orders made now should be shipping in the new year.

More excitement: I have finally tracked down a supplier for laptop stickers featuring the “Powered by Arch Linux/Keep It Simple” logo. These have previously been available on round and bumper stickers from Zazzle that you have to cut out yourself, but there have been plenty of inquiries for “real laptop stickers.” They will be available very soon; I should be receiving them by the new year as well, and will try to put a preorder page up before Christmas.

Finally, there is one more new product coming available around New Year’s. I’ve ordered a batch of elegant Arch Linux pens that should, technically, have arrived by now! I guess mail is slow at this time of year. I don’t have any photos available yet, but they, too, will be available for preorder very soon.

I’d also like to add that the Arch Linux Handbook has sold more than 150 copies since I introduced it in October, and is continuing to average more than one book per day. This is so much more than I originally projected that I am thoroughly overwhelmed by this community’s support and generosity. Also, to all the people who have purchased the Handbook, if you find any errors in it, please submit corrections to the Beginner’s Guide in the wiki, from which it is derived.

A Tale Of Two Hobbies

In addition to my martial art and programming hobbies, I like to do a little woodworking. I first started when I was 12 and I’m 100% self-taught (my earliest works were horrendous pieces). This summer I started doing some designing to mix the Arch Linux logo into this hobby. I’ve come up with two designs that I think are elegant and saleable. So, natural born salesman that I am (caution: irony at work), I decided to add them to the Arch Linux Schwag Shop:

Arch Linux Wooden Coasters
Arch Linux Wooden Sculptures

In addition, by request, I’m in the process of designing a wood keychain.

Along with backpacks and jewellery, I think its safe to say Arch Linux has one of the most novel merchandise shops around.

My ArchLinux Laptop Bag

One of the requirements for maintaining a blog on is to talk about Arch Linux. I haven’t done that at all. My compulsion to obey the rules is sneaking up on me.

Like Dave Crouse, I ordered an Arch Linux laptop bag from the Arch Schwag Shop. I picked the three-ways-to-carry District Threads Montezuma Convertible.

Its higher quality and more streamlined than I expected. I keep finding new pockets or neat features that I didn’t know about. Its a perfect size and exactly what I was hoping for. Its beautifully embroidered and looks great:
laptop bag

Profits from Arch Schwag purchases help support the Arch Linux project. If you’re in the market for a new laptop bag, (or jewellery, case badge, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and more), please consider our merchandise: the bags are good quality for the price and very unique.

Disclaimer: I’m the maintainer of both Arch Schwag Shops. Thanks for your support and keep buying!