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The "Fix Arch" game

I have this idea.

The idea is to create an Arch Linux image that is deliberately broken perhaps even horribly broken, that users can play with in VirtualBox/Qemu/Usb flash drive. It will be (an educational) game where the user needs to fix several severe problems with Arch and will get a score of how fast he/she solves these problems.

The game might consist of:

1. A script that checks the status of the Arch installation, which the users can run to see if they have corrected an error.
2. A log that logs all the actions done by the user.
3. Some kind of scoring system that generates a score based on number of actions taken and amount of time to full system recovery.

Any inputs are welcome.


Using Dina as a console font

A month ago or so I thought of using Dina as a console (no X) font and looked into if this was possible. I found out that it was.

Here is what you need:
Dina-font (fon file)

Download and extract
Run the following in the directory where you extracted
$> fon2fnts Dina.fon
Which will extract the fnt’s from the fon package. Now you’ll need to convert one of the fnt’s to a psf which is what is used in the console:
$> fnt2psf Dina_8.fnt Dina-8.psf
Now copy the resulting Dina-8.psf to /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/ and close down X.

Test out the font with $> setfont Dina-8

Here is the result:

As you can see it’s not perfect since the converted Dina font can’t handle box drawing glyphs. My best guess is that it is an unicode problem. Haven’t figured that one out yet.