Preparing for LAN

I get 16 at the 24th of june, and I’m gonna celebrate that with having a LAN for some of my close and somewhat computer interested friends. My family will leave the house, going to the USA but my cousin with parents will come and live here with me for a week. We will be 7 guys, my cousin, me, 2 friends from borlange and 3 from sater. I live in borlange and i lived in sater previously. I have made a sketch of the room we will play in, and i will upload it later.

Moving down my computer to the room we will play in will ruin my uptime :( i have reached 17 days. But that is pretty good, i have a bunch of stuff i will do in ubuntu, that i dual-boot with, and i think i need a reboot. Yesterday tremulous ran like crap for some reason, and i think that firefox crashing every now and then might have caused that.

I will also try to reach my router, for some reason my netgear WGR614 v7 refuses to let me log onto it from within arch with firefox. I have reset it and tried the default password and username and it fails. The reason i want to reach it is so that i can open some ports for rtorrent, if i wanna get something i have to plug the network cable straight into my comp, instead of through the router, and that steals the internet from my other comp. I also wanna draw a picture in gimp of the room so that i can send it to my buds and upload here. There is no need for bloating my arch install with more programs that i almost never use.

Now i will move the comp down, and mail my friends so that they also can prepare for the LAN.

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